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H o m e A s k A b o u t S u b m i t

[a box of cookies sits in front of your door, with a sticky note taped to the top]


Ooookay. This is old.

I wonder if I should answer those really old questions ]]


Just in case you haven’t figured out already

this blog is in hiatus

and it will remain in hiatus until I graduate

I’m still semi active here if you want to see some arts.

Hey fanpro blogs~~


So, I’m making a parody of Bleach opening 1 using Fanpro people, and I was wondering if you would reblog this if it’s okay with you if I use your muse? 

I’m really excited to make this and it’ll probably take me a few weeks, but if I can use your muse, please reblog~!

- Iza

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Anonymous said:
what are those ribbons that float around you ?




Ya’ mean these. Yeah. I don’t know.

They started appearing when I was about 11 or 12. They seem to come from my head and they disappear after a few seconds.

It’s kinda annoying. Whenever I get excited about something they just start floating around. 

Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:
prepaeyourselffor tonsosreallyweirdasks muajaja


Do your worst. 





Sure. I pressed the buttons a few times, but nothing happened. I think the battery is dead. 

[He looks away for a second.]

Do you… work here?. 

She took the control from his hand and  began to examine it. She knew a bit about machines by looking at some of the blueprints at the basement and know that some of them came with controls, she never understood the purpose of these..  probably for emergencies?  -her eyes moved up to the boy as he asked that question  “… um.. kinda?”  she lived there, but saying it like that would probably end up with more questions. She pressed one of the buttons and there was no response for the device , maybe it did ran out of batteries. If this was some sort of emergency device why didn’t she come here herself? .. did she really gave it to this boy?    …. Did something happen to her?   - her expression became a little serious at the thought of a .. broken machine-   Who knows maybe he just came across it and decided to ask for information.?


She stayed silent for a moment before asking  “…did she.. hhm.. where did you find this? “  [[120Youre face is kinda giving away that something is worrying you ]]

Is everything alright?. I found it in my house. 

[113 looks at the control for a few seconds, and then backs up a bit.]

Well, it’s not my house. Technically. I was cleaning the attic and it was just.. laying around. Is it important?.

So? Do you know what it is? I’m really curious about it. 

Reblog if you’re ok with other characters developing crushes on your characters.


   Just to let people know that you will not be upset or uncomfortable if their characters do develop crushes and act/make advances to your characters! Also if you’re ok with certain characters but not others than please specify!  (◡‿◡)